Firstly a few basic things to remember …

  • you can express unlimited kisses to members.
  • you can send unlimited add friend requests.
  • HOWEVER only once you have been added as a friend can you then send private messages to that member
  • be aware that by posting directly to a members “wall” the privacy of that message is dependent on the member and may possibly be seen by all site members

General Help

Get started on WePinoy.com today in 3 simple steps:

Create A Profile
Create a personalised profile, add photos and describe your ideal partner

Browse Members Directory & Photos
Find members based on location, special interests and lifestyle preferences

Start Communicating
Show interest in the members you like and let the journey begin

WePinoy provides a safe, secure and anonymous way to find and communicate with people of your choice. In a nutshell, you choose a username (a screen name or alias) and set up a profile describing yourself and the type of person and relationship you are looking for. You can view other people’s profiles by searching the site and, in turn, they can view your profile. When you find someone that interests you, you can send a kiss or request to add them as a friend via the site to their username. The message is sent to their email address from your username – your real name and email address are never shown. In turn, you may receive messages from other members. These messages will be from their username and not their real email address, protecting both your and their privacy. When you are ready you may choose to tell the other member your real contact details.

Yes. We will never give your details to other members or use your details for any purpose without your permission. For full details please review our privacy statement

At WePinoy we aim to ensure that our site is scam-free. We all know that a few bad apples can ruin your experience online, and we are determined not to let that happen. We take scamming personally, and we work hard to make sure your experience is safe! Do let us know immediately if any member is not abiding to our rules.

As a rule no. We’re not here to police our members. However, we reserve the right to hide, delete or modify unacceptable profiles or content. Amongst other reasons we reserve the right to delete or modify profiles that:

  • Contain contact information such as email or Skype addresses, Telephone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Are illegal, e.g. under 18 years of age or solicit contact from people under 18 years.
  • Are racist, or attack other groups or religions.

Please refer to our terms of use for full details.

Profile Help

You can change your profile picture at any time by clicking on Your Profile and then change profile picture. You can then either take upload a picture from your computer or mobile and “crop” the image to be your new profile picture.

We recommend you to update Your Profile with any additional information you wish to add through the “Edit” tab.

The 5 sections we have for you to complete are;

  •  Basic (pre-filled at registration)
  •  About You
  •  Appearance
  •  Lifestyle
  •  Culture

Remember the more information you provide the easier it will be to find your perfect match.

Contacting Other Members

Only once you have been added as a friend can you then send and receive private messages to a particular member.

You are in total control of who can contact you, if you are not interested in a member simply either ignore their friendship request or cancel their friendship. You can also block them and you will no longer see that members profile or indeed anything that they post.

While viewing a member’s profile, select the Block option. Blocked members will no longer be able to view your profile or contact you.

By not adding your real email address you are missing out on receiving all the email notifications for your account generated by members interested in making contact with you, such as kisses, add friend and private messages.

With an incorrect email address the only way you can pick up notifications is only by regularly logging into your account and checking manually.

Go to the Settings page under Your Profile.

Login Help

Easy! Just click on the Lost Your Password link reached from Log In, complete the simple form and we’ll email you a reminder of your username and a link that allows you to reset your password.

If you still have a problem, please contact us

Go to the Settings page under Your Profile.

Contact WePinoy via contact us and we will delete your profile on specific request.

Contact WePinoy via contact us with your username change request and we will update your profile within 24 hours. WePinoy reserves the right to refuse names changes deemed inappropriate or of a sexual nature.


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